"What exactly is a branded title vehicle and why are they trending in popularity?"
The explosion in popularity around buying branded title cars is simply due to education.

Car buyers are more savvy than they once were about branded titles and the extraordinary value and safety they provide. How are car buyers suddenly getting smarter about car buying? It could be the growing media coverage celebrating branded title cars or it might be the thousands upon thousands of people now driving branded title cars who are enthusiastically talking about how much they love their branded title car.

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What Exactly is a Branded Title Vehicle?
A branded title vehicle is any vehicle that has experienced an insurance incident. 

There are some levels of insurance claims that result in the title of a car being changed to represent the insurance incident.

Let's say you get rear-ended in a parking lot and your car sustains significant damage. Even if you have the car professionally repaired and the car is as good as new, the insurance company can still have the title of your car changed from "Clean" to "Salvage". In other words, the title has been branded.

This "brand" has nothing to do with the current condition of the vehicle. Regardless of how great the car runs and looks after having the damage removed and returned to new, the title will be branded forever. That is why smart car buyers can purchase great cars at significantly lower prices.

Branded title cars sell for lower prices even though they are exactly like their clean title counterparts. This gives wise car buyers a tremendous cost savings. This value proposition is why branded title cars have become so popular and are getting harder to find. That is why DriveLux specializes in branded title cars and trucks.

Here is a list of the top branded categories for value, safety and reliability:
Branded Due to Collision

Each day in America, there are nearly 20,000 vehicle accidents. Those accidents create vehicle damage ranging from minor bumps and scrapes to total loss. With so many thousands of cars receiving "branded title" status every day, the DriveLux Certified Buyers are trained to seek out the vehicles with less damage, the cream of the crop.

Those hand-selected vehicles are then professionally repaired by Authorized DriveLux Rebuilders. All damaged parts are replaced with new oem parts and then the vehicle is road tested on an aggressive Drive Cycle. Once the vehicle successfully completes the road test, our Certified Inspectors conduct a comprehensive 151-Point Inspection to make certain the vehicle has been fully reconditioned and is ready for a new owner.

Branded Due To Flood

A vehicle which receives a branded title due to "flood" is the most to a clean title type of branded vehicle. It is also the hardest to find! A "flood" car simply means the vehicle has been in or near some water. It does NOT mean the car has been under water - not at DriveLux. Be warned: There are less reputable organizations selling flood cars which have in fact been submerged. Do NOT purchase any flood car which has been submerged.

Our highly trained Reconditioning Team goes through a comprehensive moisture extraction process using state of the art equipment and process to return the vehicle to pre-flood condition. After reconditioning is completed, our Inspection team does a final inspection, testing all electronics, switches and fuses to make 100% certain everything in the vehicle is fully operational.

Branded Due to Hail

This type of branded title vehicle is self-explanatory but here is additional insight as to why it makes the Top 5 and how we recondition a hail damaged vehicle.

Hail comes in all shapes and sizes and usually without warning. Most hail is small pellets of ice while some hail has been known to be as large as baseballs! Throwing dozens of baseball-sized ice chunks at a car can leave small dings on the top surfaces of a vehicle such as hood, roof and trunk lid.

Ding removal is a very time-consuming process and most insurance companies would rather brand the title than invest in the expensive process of ding removal. Our Certified Buyers actively follow weather patterns, so they can be the first buyers on scene to purchase vehicles impacted by hail.

DriveLux has invested heavily in the technology and key personnel who specialize in hail damage reversal. The results are stunning! Once the Hail Reversal Team completes their work, the vehicle goes through a final inspection and is then made available to the smart car buyers who come into our dealerships every day seeking these hard-to-find branded title vehicles.

Before & After Hail

Branded Due To Theft

Every day in the United States, over 2,000 cars and trucks are stolen from their owners. These vehicles usually sustain some level of damage in the process and often end up as branded title vehicles.

Our Certified DriveLux Buyers are alerted to these thefts and are quick to go inspect the recovered vehicles. If the damage is minor, our team purchases the vehicle and immediately sends it to our Theft Reconditioning Team to meticulously go through the vehicle from front to back, cleaning, repairing damage and then conducting a test-drive. From there, our Certified Inspection Team conducts a comprehensive 151-point inspection before giving the vehicle the DriveLux Seal of Approval.